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For anyone who has ever struggled to have a baby, knows that this is an emotional rollercoaster! Thanks for sharing the ride with us!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Halloween cuties!!

Mason decided (yesterday) that he wanted to be a soccer player and I decided awhile ago that Teagan would be a ladybug. I already know what the family (yes, whole family) will go as next year...(if I can get everyone to cooperate that is!)

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

5 yrs ago today.........

I married the love of my life!

Our wedding day:

Anniversary 2006 (4yr)~ I am 7mos pregnant!

Here is us this past June:

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Homecoming 2007

She is our homecoming queen!!

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He is fast.........but directionally challenged!

Our future runningback:

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good news!

Teagan had her dye test (cystourethrogram)yesterday. As usual, she was quite the trooper!!! They filled her bladder up completely full and watched it on an x-ray machine. None of the dye left the bladder, meaning she does not have Kidney reflux as they thought. The concern was that her urine was being sent back up to the kidney, causing her infection. The pediatrician was 90% sure this was the cause of her recent kidney now I am waiting for the pediatrician to receive the results of the test and call me. Since Teagan does not have Kidney reflux, I am guessing that she will not need to remain on the antibiotics for the next 6mos as originally prescribed. I never thought to ask the doctor "what if it isn't kidney reflux" I am wondering what would have caused such a bad infection in her kidney in the first place.
She is doing awesome,crawling all over the place. She is trying to pull up on everything in sight, but just can't quite do it yet!

Thanks to everyone for the prayers!

Update: I received a call from doc's office and Teagan is going to have to remain on the antibiotics for the next 6mos.... bummer

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Monday, October 01, 2007

9 mos stats!

Teagan turned 9mos old over the weekend!!!Today she had her 9mos check up.

Here are her 6mos stats:
wt= 20lbs 10z ~ 97th percentile
ht= 27 in ~ 90th percentile

9mos stats:
wt= 21lbs~ 75th percentile
ht= 28.25 ~ 85th percentile

Her recent illness plus her new found mobility (crawling everywhere) has really slowed her weight gain down.

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