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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Well as you can see by the pics below, we had a nice time on vacation. Unfortunately, it was the coldest March that LA has seen since 1921 (just our luck). We really enjoyed spending time together as a family and especially seeing all of my family who live in California! Hubby and I did go see Dr. Phil.....that was an interesting experience, too bad the topic wasnt great (700lb woman and a 400lb teenager)....we still had fun. They didnt tell us when the show will air, so I guess I will have to keep my eye out on the previews.

TTC update: We had our consult yesterday and it went extremely well!! I was a bit nervous because Jeff has been a real downer lately about proceeding (All financially motivated)....he was very negative all the way up to the appt. The nurse practitioner is extremely knowledgeable and outgoing and put us right at ease. She gave us her "presentation" and then let us ask a million questions. It seems that it will take about 4-6 mos to get matched with a donor, so we dont have to worry about all the financial stuff for awhile. We also spoke with the doctor briefly, she stated that we could still do a fresh cycle if we wanted but our chances of having a better outcome than last time are not very good. We really appreciate her openness and how honest she is. We also decided to have Jeff's dna tested....he had blood drawn and we will have results in about a month. The doc told us that since they cannot really determine if it is just an "egg" problem, that we should have that test done before we have any other procedures done.....looking forward to getting those results.

We had a major family emergency over the mom's apartment caught fire and everything of hers is destroyed. Luckily (by the Grace of God) she was able to get out safely. Her heating pad caught fire about 1:45am, flames were shooting up right next to her bed...she woke up and got out of there. We have been trying to help her deal with the loss but it seems it will be a slow process. She did have renters insurance but they are S-L-O-W!! She has been homeless for 3 days, nothing but the pajamas she had on left and they havent given her any emergency relief. We have bought her a few things to get her by (underwear, bra, jeans, shirts,etc) but still.....we started the paper chase today and hopefully they will be able to help her soon.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

some pics

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Mason!

Today my baby is 2!!

Can't believe how this little bundle brought so much joy and happiness to us!!! We love you Mason!!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

6 days until we are on vacation!! woohoo!!

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

HO HUM.......

feeling a little blah these days......getting harder and harder on me that we are still in Limboland. And even though we have an appt scheduled for the end of the month, Jeff informed me the other day that "well I am not planning on us doing anything until we get your lawsuit money..." What???? then why am i making plans? why did I set up our meeting?? Since we had been talking about trying again, I thought he was on the same page with me about going for it. I honestly have stopped thinking about "when" we get that damn has been 6 yrs since I was sick, 3 since the lawsuit began....and 1 yr since they told us..."should have it by the end of the year"...argh!! To make matters was Mom's club and of course preggos everywhere! One nice lady is due with twins in Sept, one looked as if she could go into labor any minute and 2 or three others that were showing. It is so hard not to be envious....I want to be the one complaining about morning sickness or the sore back or how I cant see my feet anymore...and believe me I know that I have it good, I know that I am lucky to have my 2 kids, I know that there are others out there trying for their first....but it doesnt change the desire in my heart to have another baby.

I was watching the news last night.....finally, instead of a story about somebody killing their newborn, a story about a baby that was left at a hospital entrance, with a note saying "sorry, I just cant take care of her"....what a brave and wonderful thing that mother that baby has a chance, someone will adopt her and love her. It is so tragic when you hear about teens throwing their babies in the trash, etc.....just because they couldn't tell their parents. So I applaud that brave mother!

Just FYI~ I continue to workout on a regular basis, but I will not weigh myself until the end of the month, hopefully my efforts will show in lost inches and pounds. I still have a food issue though, I need to address my eating habits but decided to wait until after our vacation, since it is likely that we will be eating out for every meal during those 6 days.
My spiritual workout is coming along nicely......I made it through a whole bible study without having to leave early due to Mason. Knock on wood that we make it through tomorrow's session!!

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

New look

So I have had a makeover~ what'ya think???? Time to shake things up a bit!!! Thanks to Moodswing Creations!!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Totally off topic!

Guess What?!!! I just got a call stating that our ticket request for the Dr. Phil show has been granted!! Woohoo!! Cant wait!! We get to see Dr. Phil when we are on vacation in Los Angeles!!
I am pretty excited! Of course I am sure Jeff will not be as thrilled as I am, but I am going to make him go with me!!! Woohoo!! We leave for vacation in 2 weeks!!!

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